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SOLUTIO and EVOLUTIO, these are the two product brands that identify LAFABRICA, with its research, projects and experience.

SOLUTIO, a technology that has been developed and patented by LAFABRICA, for stain-proofing Porcelain Stoneware by means of total sealing of the pores on the surface of the product to guarantee a treatment that is both effective and long-lasting.

The principle on which this technology is based consists in treating the product with a photocurable formula for sealing the pores on the surface of the substrate. This treatment drastically reduces the absorption of dust and dirt hence rendering the surfaces more resistant to wear, stains, etc.

Apart from Porcelain Stoneware, the treatment has been tested with good results on “cotto” and on samples of resin- and cement-based agglomerated materials, thus confirming its versatility.

The research of LAFABRICA began at the end of the last decade. Experimenting continued to perfect the formula and obtain products capable of fulfilling the requirements of the market.
The latest achievement of LAFABRICA, resulting from continuous research and dedication, is EVOLUTIO: a brand new, exclusive product for Polished Porcelain Stoneware decoration.