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Solutio is a patented technology based on UV crosslinking of photocurable organic resin to obtain effective and long-lasting protection against staining.

Solutio products are characterised and differentiated by the presence of additives that give the product secondary properties, such for instance prolonged stability under sunlight and high resistance to abrasion.

We offer products for stainproofing treatment of different substrates (polished porcelain stoneware, lapped porcelain stoneware, glazed and polished porcelain stoneware and other materials).

Since 2002, over 1 million square metres of polished/lapped porcelain stoneware have been treated with Solutio to drastically reduce problems relating to stainability.

Micro-photo of the cross-section of polished porcelain stoneware treated with SOLUTIO; how resin seals pores is clearly visible
Microphoto (SEM) illustrating the cross-section of un-treated polished porcelain stoneware: open pores are clearly visible.