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In order to offer the market new solutions with an exceptional performance and a high level of innovation, LAFABRICA has developed and patented EVOLUTIO, a new technique for decorating Polished Porcelain Stoneware.

By adopting the UV formula of the SOLUTIO series of products and by adding pigments, it is possible to colour the open pores of the surface with particularly attractive results, whilst maintaining the properties of Porcelain Stoneware.

This is possible thanks to the exclusive coloured composition of the product that is absorbed by the open pores ONLY and that does not form a layer covering the surface, to therefore maintain the original characteristics of the latter.

By virtue of this striking feature of EVOLUTIO, namely the fact that it is absorbed ONLY by the pores, the integrity of the decorations obtained is preserved over time, since these are protected by the “walls” of the pores themselves hence preventing abrasion by external agents.

Decorations achieved with EVOLUTIO, apart from the above mentioned advantages, are offered extra protection against stains, dirt and the like thanks to the SOLUTION formula on which EVOLUTIO is based.

With EVOLUTIO and at a low cost, you can obtain the typical colours of organic pigments with the possibility to customise even the smallest batch of tiles, starting from the same base (for instance 100 m2 of red tiles, 50 of blue, 120 of green and so on).

The final effect strictly relates to the amount and distribution of open pores on the surface. This technique allows for the creation of particularly appealing shades and tones.